Hariz is 4 months

Friday, October 8, 2010

Hari ni hari terakhir Syawal. Thought I want to update on Raya but cerita dah basi daaa. The co I'm currently working for has just completed the re-org exercise. God! Berapa kali mau re-org daa? Everytime there was a re-org, we had to be relocated. Berpindah randah mcm Nomad. This is the 5th time over 3 years. Boring .. boing .. boing ..

Well, enough of office stuff. This is just a quick update on Hariz development so far. The little guy is 4 months+ already. As usual, we took him to his monthly checkup and the Paed gave him his 1st pneumococcal vaccine. It is actual optional but since the insurance is paying for it, we might as well give it to him. And for the 1st time, he cried a little but the Dr. quickly picked him up and soothed him. Alhamdulillah he didn't develop a fever after that.

At 4 months:

Weight: 7.47kg
Length: 62.2cm
HC: 42.7cm

The Dr was very pleased with his growth.

Development wise, Hariz's neck is strong. I don't have to support his neck anymore when carrying him around. He can sit a little but his body still inclines forward.

His milk intake at the daycare has improved slightly. He is now drinking about 12-15oz there. Great news that is! hehehe Other than that, we've started giving Umar some of my milk as well. He takes about 6-7oz a day. If we were to make this into a routine, then I need to pump at least 22oz a day. Gosh! I'm only pumping about 18oz these days. Yesterday, I took a look and reorganised the EBM in our freezer. It just hit me that most of them were pumped last July, which means they will expire by end of this month. Dang! I didn't up my stock for the last 2 months because Hariz was refusing the bottle before and only drank a little. So, I only gave him fresh EBM and didn't regulate the ones in the freezer. Now a huge bulk of them will soon expire and I would only be left with about 30 bottles. In need of a new strategy. I need to get that chest freezer real soon, though God knows where we gonna put it! The house is already cramped! Need to pump more. Need to pump more!

Kid with MS Paint! Part 6

Monday, September 13, 2010

Last part for today.

Her Girl Series. Love them as well. Beautiful colours.

1. the little girl with big glasses and a pink hair band

2. the fairys body

3. fairy head and body
Really cute! Do I spot a belly button there?

4. untitled
This is saved without any title but supposingly a fairy wing. She said she learn to draw it from youtube. Kids these days!

Well, enough for now. Where are my raya photos already?

Kid with MS Paint! Part 5

These are drawings with some feeling attached to them. Well, just enjoy!

1. bloodes of red color

2. i love you
I love the simplicity :)

3. chonteng (bahasa)
Bored maybe?

Do I spot anger in there?

Kid with MS Paint! Part 4

Today is the 4th of Raya. I want to blog about that but maybe later since I have lots of drawings to post coz lets just admit it, I love them!!

These are the random drawings we found. There are little stories behind each picture according to her.

1. the blue beery tree in the hot sun......its going too live not the son the tree

2. the tea pot magnets too the magnet thing.

3. desert

4. the wadding stars when day get married and have 6 childs and then 1 day there is a hunter star hwo wanted 2 childs out of the star family.!!

5. a giant leg in a giant closed toe sandal! (break a leg)

Kid with MS Paint! Part 3

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It is independence day today. I woke up early and the kids are still sleeping. With a bit of time at hand, I decided to clear our PC HDD by transferring all our photos to an external HDD. Shazli did housecleaning of his laptop too and here are some of the pictures we found on his VIAO.

These were drawn in June 2009 but we only saw them today.

The ribbon series

1. ribbon mix up color with blue and red.

2. ribbon mix up color with blue,purple,green,pink.

3. ribbons all about differt colours like pink with wi,th pocodots,blue,dark blue,green,yellow,purple,gray

The Animal series

1. gopets

2. ghost cat

3. the little light brown puppy

4. the secret mystery dog.

ps: Can you spot the cat? He is wearing a blue collar and big yellow bell :)

6. T A A T P I A G (the animals and the plant in a garden.)

The title of each drawing was given by her. Nice :)

Random post of the day

Monday, August 30, 2010

Nampaknya hari ni mmg tak berapa produktif di kantor. Ramai rakan2 kerja cuti panjang sebabkan cuti Nuzul Quran jumaat lepas bersambung hingga cuti Kemerdekaan esok hari. Rakan2 di UK juga sedang bercuti bank (Bank holiday). Sementara rakan2 di US masih di buai mimpi indah.

So, just some random pics taken quite recently to kill the time (tipu sbb actually kerja banyakkkk).

Oh Well ... bak kata Nora Danish, Kita Enjoy!!!! (the pics I mean ... bukan enjoy tuang hokay!)

Kanak-kanak ceria sebab terlepas dari penjara rumah. Sibuk bermain di taman di bawah rumah. Zara forever with her books.

Kanak-kanak bertambah ceria sebab dapat bermain permainan percuma di Jusco. Jarang-jarang dapat bersantai di shopping complex.

Model kanak2 perempuan Fisher Price. Sungguh bergaya bersama pom-pom dan posing ala-ala bontot terjongket.

Model kanak2 lelaki Fisher Price tampil lebih ganas dengan posing di atas lantai. Thomas tetap di hati, baju & tangan. Dan juga di kaki!

Last but not least, Umar having a blast with Thomas at Toys R Us. We had to peel him off the table as it was almost berbuka time.

Oppsss ... one more. Life isn't complete without a little bit of fun ... at someone elses expense of course. And this time around ... Hariz is our victim :)

(Shazli was annoyed as always)

Milk in a bottle

I've blogged a couple of times before on Hariz refusal to bottle-feed. A week before work, I sent him to his daycare to get him used to his new environment. The 1st three days was quite nerve wrecking as he continued to refuse the bottle. The teachers there had to squeeze the teat to make sure he took some milk in. By the 3rd day he was already showing signs of dehydration. He didn't wet his nappy for the longest of time and when he did, the brick dust came back.

In desperation, we bought a lot of teats and bottles and experimented with them all. And mind you, they aren't cheap! We have Avent, Nuk, First Years BreastFlow, MAM, Farlin, and the list goes on! A colleague at work gave me her brown MAM teats and a feeder cup too. She has more luck with them with her daughter.

We practically bought all the well known teats in the market that are suppose to ease transition between breastfeeding to bottlefeeding but with little to none outcome.

We had a bit of success with Tommee Tippee since the bottle was shaped such that it was rather soft in the middle and you can squeeze the bottle to get a little milk out. By the 2nd week he took about 9oz of breast milk while I was at work. I was devastated. Last Wednesday, after his routine checkup, we went to the hospital pharmacy and bought a yellow rubber-like pigeon teat on a whim. It costs RM5. Though at the back of my mind, I knew it wasn't going to make much of a difference. But, it did!!! The next day, the teacher at the daycare was happy to inform us that Hariz took 12oz of milk that day and he managed to latch and suck the bottle on his own!

And here is the winner :)

This is soooo Hariz! Always caught me a little of guard. Dalam banyak2 puting, puting murah ni yang dia suka!!! Hahahahaha ... I'm close to tears already. Nothing special with the teat except that it is thin and rather soft compared to the rest. Now, let's hope this miracle teat works more wonders. I'm now hoping he will take more milk at the daycare.